Felt Acorn garland

Ten needle-felted acorns, with real acorn caps (natural or sprayed a festive silver). They are placed 10 cm apart (so cover a metre in distance (total including loops on the end – 1m40cm) They can be made in a range of colours and shades.P1070497



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10 inch tablet cover

So, a few months ago I made a bag, just for fun. I put it to one side and then forgot about it.


Last week, in an effort to move into the 21st century, we bought a tablet.

And guess what? The bag I made is the perfect size for our new toy.

P1070463 P1070462

I still have the outline, so if anyone out there is looking for a custom made tablet cover (10inch) I can make you one in many different colours (or combination of colours). Like us on Facebook and ask for details

Making a felt rangoli for Diwali

I love the bright colours used in rangoli. Diwali is a great festival using lovely bright colours and lights and is as good an excuse as any to eat a curry.

This is my first attempt at making sheets of pre-felt then cutting out shapes and then using them to create a picture. I searched for a simple design (many rangoli pictures are quite complex) and found one here. The choice of colours are mine.P1070438 P1070439 P1070440 P1070441 P1070442 P1070443 P1070444 P1070445 P1070448