Gross felt dog doing gross felt dog things (don’t look if you are easily offended by things made from wool)

Warning: this post has a toilet humour gif: don’t look if you are offended by wool pretending to be something else

So I have mentioned before that I am on a social network called Tsu. It’s gimmick is that you get paid for stuff you post (if it is original). Not a lot (I make around 4-8 cents a day) but it’s more than you get on Facebook. I donate everything I ‘earn’ to one of the charities on Tsu.

Anyhoo, the best thing about Tsu is you get to ‘meet’ some really creative and interesting people, which in turn inspires you. If you want to join you can by clicking on this link I can help you if you have any questions, just leave a comment or contact me via email

One of the new cool features on Tsu is you can create gifs which we have all been playing around with

One of the really creative people I have met is an artist called Claudia Everest who goes by the name @adogaday (she can be found on Facebook too). She made a gif by using an etch-a-sketch, you can view it here (don’t look if you don’t like toilet humour or etch-a-sketches)

I loved it so much I thought I would pay homage to her (i.e. copy her idea) and make a version of her gif using my needle felted created. So here it is:


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