Bespoke hat decoration


For a wedding, I was asked to create a decoration for a hat. I used the decoration on the coat that was to be worn, as inspiration.

P1080785 The hat, before added decoration.

P1080799 The coat that inspired the hat decoration.

P1080796 P1080793


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Eco-friendly packaging for our creations



We have been looking for a way to display our felt creations in shops, and markets, which allows people to see the item and pick it up without getting it dirty. We had been using plastic sleeves designed for greeting cards. But this seemed like a waste.

Andrea spotted this blog post for eco-friendly packaging, made from plastic bottles. It doesn’t take long to turn an old plastic bottle into a gift box, and once it has been used the purchaser can recycle it as they would a normal bottle. Problem solved!


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Have been busy with a Stop Frame animation film

I haven’t posted anything for a while, because I have been trying to complete a stop frame (or stop motion) animation film for my new website ( at the moment, the website is not up and running so this link will just take you back to this blog – I want to get the graphics done before launching the site). The most tedious bit is editing the photos before putting them together (so far I think I have spent about 6 hours doing this).

Anyway, I hope to finish tomorrow, so should have a rough film and a .gif to show you in the next few days (together with a ‘how I did it’ blog post). Here is one of the photos I have used in the film.

feltbuzzcom pic