Prototype Polar Bear Surprise: an idea for Christmas…

I know it is very early to be thinking about Christmas, but stock doesn’t appear from nowhere – you need to plan ahead.

This polar bear has a surprise inside.

Made with a cut up kitchen roll tube (and gaffer tape: not the most attractive solution, but as I say a prototype). The body (and head) of the bear is needle felted.

I thought I could also make snowmen, penguins and Father Christmas. Once whatever treats inside are consumed it can be used to store other things, or the top half can be taken off the tube and used as a (oversized) finger puppet.

Would appreciate any comments…

Back to reality?

I haven’t posted on here for a couple of days, mostly because we have been having a good time with our family. Here are Sunday and Mondays positives:


1) Despite the heavens opening as we were about to leave the house, the rest of the day was rain free. Actual sunshine and heat: lovely.

2) Went to Lac de Vassiviere, had lunch outside overlooking the lake and took a boat over to the island

3) Had a lot of laughs


1) Looks like the summer has finally arrived. It makes such a difference when the sun shines 🙂

2) We’re full in the bed and breakfast, so did breakfast, got two rooms ready and greeted the guests: everyone happy

3) Had a lovely evening with Andrea, and went on a nice evening stroll with Basil too. Life is good


Also, the first Felt.Buzz giveaway ended yesterday so we need to congratulate our winner of our mini witch/wizard hat: well done Gypsy Mortisha Cassavetes!

Have a lovely Tuesday 🙂

Saturdays three positives

Morning all. Didn’t manage to write my three positive comments last night, so here they are now:

1. Number one has to be the weekend visit of Sian and Paul, my brother in law and sister in law. Not only family but great friends too. Lifts the spirits 🙂

2. The weather gave us a break and we sat out for most of the afternoon and evening: hurrah!

3. had some really good feedback on my creations particularly Maley the mournful wizard:


Thank you!

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