Felt.Buzz is now on Tsu!

Are you fed up with Facebook? We create all the content, but Facebook owns it, and all the ad revenue goes to Facebook. Revenue that wouldn’t exist without the content that YOU post. And then there are the new Facebook privacy changes which come into effect on 1 January 2014.

Perhaps it is time to try something different. Perhaps you should try Tsu!


At first look it is a little like a cross between Twitter and Facebook (you can have both friends and followers). The difference is that they acknowledge that the people who create the content (you and me) are important: without us there would be no content, there would be no social network to advertise on. On Tsu Ad revenue is shared between users, with just 10% going towards the social network itself. I have been on Tsu less than a week and have ‘earned’ $0.11 just by posting things I would normally put on facebook.

There are charities on Tsu, so if you want you can donate your share of the ad revenue to charity. Or you could use it to advertise on the network. Or just keep it. It’s yours: you decide.

The best thing about Tsu is that it has a really nice feel about it, people are friendly (there are a few spammers, but not overwelming), and posts are not filtered.

I have ‘met’ some great new contacts, but it would be even better if more people I know from other networks, joined me.

Here is your invitation to join Tsu! See you there!

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Penguin’s move on!

Some of my penguins have a new home. These penguins (hatched on 26th November 2014) have found a new home with Isabelle (the creative talent behind IsabelleNigel).

Why not check out Isabelle’s Etsy shop:


If you want a penguin of your own get in touch with me via, email, facebook or twitter! I can personalise them too! (chose football or rugby team, or favourite colours and even have someones name on the hat!