Les derniers créations de Felt.Buzz (9.01.2020 au 28.01.2020)


Bonjour! Dans le derniers 3 semaines j’ai fait…

un lapin et un chat…


Un chien…


2 tortues


des broches de vache!


un requin…


Un poulpe…


un crabe


des broches de mouton


un sorcier (orange)


2 sorciers et 2 moutons

6 moutons…


2 dragons


une girafe


des broches de moutons


un petit chien et un petit mouton


2 dragons


des broches et des porte-cles


un chat et des broches


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Buying my creations in La Creuse, France and online

If you visit la Creuse in Central France you can come and visit me, and my creations! I have a bed and breakfast (3placedesarbres.com) so you can stay with me and I can show you how I make them! You can also buy my creations in Aubusson (in the gift shop of the Cité internationale de la tapisserie – Aubusson) or in two boutiques in Felletin (the town I live in). You can also buy direct from my Etsy store!


It’s Friday! Must be time for the Magic Mushroom Man!

YAY! It’s Friday! Market day here in Felletin, so always a busy start. Guests in 3 Place des Arbres Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast are having breakfast, then a room to clean, and off to the market (it is just round the corner, so no travelling to do!). This evening we have a party to look forward to (after maybe serving guests a meal – not sure yet!)!

I finished this little Magic Mushroom Man yesterday, and made this video too. Hope you like it (he is lurking in my etsy store if you would like to go and say hi)

What are your plans for Friday/this weekend?

Have a great day!