Felt.Buzz: mes dernières créations (fin novembre 2019)


Veuillez trouver ci-dessous une sélection des animaux que j’ai fait main à l’aiguille au cours de la dernière semaine. Pour trouver les dernières créations de Felt.Buzz, suivez mes pages facebook et instagram (nouvelles créations postées chaque jour!)









Yes, that’s it! Said the Hatter with a sigh, it’s always tea time. – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


The tea pot and tea cup, complete with dormice will be available to see (and to buy!) at the market on Friday (2 mai) and Saturday (2 may) at Les Journées européennes du Feutre 2015, Felletin 23500, France

You can watch a little video of these two fellas in action here!

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Fun on Tsu: #Antwar

I’ve mentioned before that I can be found on the social network site Tsu (you can find me here: tsu.co/FeltBuzz, and if you aren’t yet a member you can join by clicking this link too). The site gives 90% of it’s revenues back to it’s users, and a lot of that money is being given to charity. There is currently a competition (with the winner getting to choose which charity receives the donation) called #antwar (check it out, it’s fun). Here is my entry: