Happy Hump Day everyone

It is Wednesday! Hope you are all doing well. The sun is shining here, the sky is blue. I have a busy morning, but hope to do some felting later. This is a video of a bear I made couple of days ago:


You can visit him in my Felt.Buzz Etsy store. I will be adding a new creation to the store very shortly!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Bruce Felt.Buzz

Happy Sunday everyone!

Good morning folks!

How are you today? We have a full house in the B&B this morning, so after breakfast we have room re-organisation and cleaning to do.

Hope to do some felting later, but not sure what creature I will be making next.

What are your plans for this lovely Sunday?

This bear is available on Etsy for your delights!


Brown Bear goes travelling…

Last week I received an order for a Brown Bear Finger Puppet (https://www.etsy.com/listing/217793288/handmade-brown-bear-needle-felted-finger). As I was travelling to the UK at the weekend I completed the puppet and took him with me. This is his photo diary…


Brown Bear arrives at Limoges airport, in Central France. He has already travelled 2 hours by car to get here…


Brown Bear is excited to see the plane has arrived. He is also pleased it is an appropriate size for a finger puppet!


A seat by the window! Brown Bear checks out the view…


High in the sky! Brown bear looks down at the clouds!


Safety First! Brown Bear returns to his seat and straps in.


Quiet flight: Brown bear has plenty of room!


Are we there yet? Brown Bear looking forward to his new country!


Brown Bear loves travelling! Thank you for joining him on his adventures!