Todays 3 positives

Evening all, hope you are enjoying your Saturday. Here are my Felt.Buzz three positives of the day:

1. Did a shift at the Boutique du Coin in Vallière. Had some good chats with customers and other artisans and producters. Managed to find time to do some felting too. Didn’t sell any of my stuff, but one of my acorn garlands was sold this morning 🙂

(not this one, but one like it)

2. Had some time to relax outside (after doing breakfast for 9): lunch outside the house, lovely. And then this evening we sat in the town square, watching the world go by (and a large honking procession of wedding cars), and ate pizza and chips! Got to love carb on carb action!

3. Went for a post dinner walk. Took some photos (using the tablet):


Had some suggestions and thoughts for some new felt projects too. All in all, a pretty good day.

How about you?

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