Un grand chat, feutrée par l’aiguille

Grand chat, feutrée par l’aiguille 50€


Vous pouvez récupérer vos créations felt.buzz de centre ville de Felletin (place des arbres) n’importe quel jour de la semaine!

Comment le faire ?

1. Choisissez votre création felt.buzz sur Instagram, Facebook ou sur le site Web de felt.buzz.

2. Contactez-moi et passez votre commande avant midi pour récupérer votre commande le lendemain (10h-12h et 14h-16h).

3. Vous pouvez payer en avance avec PayPal ou sur place avec un chèque ou espèces

4. Récupérez votre commande sur rendez-vousSi vous voulez quelque chose sur commande, je peux généralement l’avoir prêt à être récupéré dans une semaine






Siret: 794 131 011 00015

Woo hoo! It’s the weekend!

Woo hoo! It’s the weekend! We have friends arriving today (but before that: breakfasts for guests in the 3 Place des Arbres Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast, 3 rooms to clean, and preparation for evening meal!) so despite the rain (the first proper rain we have had for months) it feels warm and fluffy here! Probably won’t have much time for felting this weekend, although I have another ‪#‎dragon‬ that is almost finished, so should be able to manage that.

This is a short video I took yesterday (in the sunshine!) of some of the Felt.Buzz creations I have made in the last week.

Happy Tuesday Lovely People!

Good morning everyone! Well, we didn’t get any last minute people in the 3 Place des Arbres Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast last night, so that meant I didn’t have to get up to do breakfast for guests (the first time for I don’t know how long). But the dog decided that I should get up and take him for a walk instead. Tried to go back to bed afterwards but then the rubbish collection started, followed by the neighbours having a delivery of wood (preparing for a winter I hope is still a long way off!)

We have guests arriving later, but no rooms to clean today, and no meals for this evening (so far) so ‘a day off’ of sorts. Another very hot day forecast here, so will take the dog down the river for a swim before midday and then listen to him complain all afternoon when his regular walk is denied because of the heat!

I made this ‪#‎TeenyWeeniePet‬ Tabby ‪#‎Cat‬ a few days ago. You can carry him around on your finger!


He is available in my Etsy store along with some other little characters, check it out if you have the time (all visits very much appreciated). 

I finished a Purple Dragon yesterday and started a red one last night, so will be finishing him and taking some pics later.

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Bruce Felt.Buzz