C’est mercredi 17 mars 2021! Que se passe-t-il dans l’atelier de Felt.Buzz aujourd’hui?

Coucou ! C’est felt.buzz à la boutique Label Creuse, Guéret!

Bonjour c’est mercredi 17 mars 2021 et aujourd’hui je suis à la boutique Label Creuse, Guéret

Hier je suis allé à la boutique de L’Atelier, Royère de Vassiviere pour les donner quelques créations Felt.Buzz pour vendre

Hier j’ai créé 2 moutons et un escargot

Bonne journée à tous !

Bisous 💋

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Vous pouvez trouver les créations de Felt.Buzz dans la boutique Label Creuse, Guéret, la boutique de la cité internationale de la tapisserie, Aubusson, Histoire de la Laines, Felletin, la boutique de L’Atelier, Royère de Vassiviere, les offices de tourisme de Ahun et Bourganeuf et biensûr dans l’atelier de Felt.Buzz, Felletin

Les derniers créations de Felt.Buzz (9.01.2020 au 28.01.2020)


Bonjour! Dans le derniers 3 semaines j’ai fait…

un lapin et un chat…


Un chien…


2 tortues


des broches de vache!


un requin…


Un poulpe…


un crabe


des broches de mouton


un sorcier (orange)


2 sorciers et 2 moutons

6 moutons…


2 dragons


une girafe


des broches de moutons


un petit chien et un petit mouton


2 dragons


des broches et des porte-cles


un chat et des broches


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Les derniers creations de Felt.Buzz (30/12/19 au 8/1/20)

J’espere que 2020 est bien pour vous tous.

Dans la derniere semaine j’ai fait:

Un lapin…


Un grand chien…


Un grand chat…



2 moutons…


2 sangliers…


6 broches de moutons…


Un sorcier vert…


Un petit chat et un petit chien…


Un dragon rouge…

une collection de petites choses …


2 lapins…


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Spotlight on Cheeky Tree Creations

Today, the Felt.Buzz Spotlight is on Cheeky Tree Creations.

Cheeky Tree Creations is run by Tanya, a mother of two boys, who loves to be creative in her spare time. I love the name Cheeky Tree Creations, I tell Tanya, for some reason it brings a smile to my face whenever I see it.

“My main inspiration [for the name was] from my two boys which are my cheeky monkeys who love to climb so everytime I think of Cheeky Tree it reminds me [of] my boys.

“I only started seriously crafting and thinking about selling earlier this year, in March in fact when we booked the craft fair. Before that I have been making presents for friends and relatives. It was my two boys who inspired me. Samuel who is nearly 3years and Lukas who is 15months. My oldest Samuel is dinosaur mad and there were not many things for boys anywhere so that is what made me start. I work part-time and stay home with the boys for the rest of the time so life gets rather busy”

Cheeky Tree Creations‘ first craft fair (last weekend), exceeded Tanya’s expectations:What a fantastic weekend we had. First craft fair went better than expected and was a really enjoyable experience! [We have] no craft [more] fairs yet lined up but at the moment it is something that I am looking into. Hoping to do a local one in October and hopefully one before Christmas”

Everything has moved so quickly for Tanya since deciding to make a business out of her craft: I haven’t had time yet to put many things onto my etsy shop, as I was mainly concentrating making things for the craft fair and I only tend to get an hour or two in the evenings to do anything so most of my time went to preparing for the craft fair. Hoping now to concentrate more on my online presence.”

You can find Tanya and Cheeky Tree Creations on Twitter, Facebook and Etsy.


Disclaimer: this review was not asked for, or paid for in anyway. I wrote it as I like the Creations that fall from the Cheeky Tree and her Twitter and Facebook pages.


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