Un chien, laine feutrée avec l’aiguille

Chien, laine feutrée avec l’aiguille 50€

Chien fait en laine, feutrée par l’aiguille, hier

50€ + livraison


Vous pouvez récupérer vos créations felt.buzz de centre ville de Felletin (place des arbres) n’importe quel jour de la semaine!

Comment le faire ?

1. Choisissez votre création felt.buzz sur Instagram, Facebook ou sur le site Web de felt.buzz.

2. Contactez-moi et passez votre commande avant midi pour récupérer votre commande le lendemain (10h-12h et 14h-16h).

3. Vous pouvez payer en avance avec PayPal ou sur place avec un chèque ou espèces

4. Récupérez votre commande sur rendez-vousSi vous voulez quelque chose sur commande, je peux généralement l’avoir prêt à être récupéré dans une semaine






Siret: 794 131 011 00015

Happy Hump Day!

Morning lovely people! Happy ‪#‎Wednesday‬! How are you doing today? We are looking forward to welcoming some more guests to 3 Place des Arbres Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast. Only two for breakfast today, and not much on the agenda, so that leaves some time for felting. Yesterday, I finished a red dragon and took some photos, so need to prepare them for Etsy. I also made my first ‪#‎Christmas‬ decoration of the year. Yes, I know, most of you can’t bear to think of the “C” word just yet, but I have to prepare stock for the markets in December.

Anyhoo, this little dog (and many of his colleagues) are available in my Etsy store 

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Oh, crap! It’s Monday!

grumpy cat Crap its monday

Morning all! How the dickens are you? It is Monday today, but here in France it is a bank holiday. So no work for most French people. Instead they choose to sit in traffic jams, as they all go home from their summer holiday on the same day!!

We have a full 3 Place des Arbres Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast house for Breakfast and then three rooms to clean. No arrivals planned for today, so potentially we have the rest of the day off, but people seem to be leaving things to the last minute so nothing is certain!

I have just added a listing to Etsy (go and see if you can spot it) which I will show off on my Felt.Buzz page this afternoon.

I made a dragons head last night whilst “watching” TV, which I am pleased with so hope to make the body later.

In the meantime, enjoy this video…

… and remember you can visit this magic dog, and his friends in my Etsy store



Happy Monday, everyone!

Good morning everyone. I hope you had a great weekend, and are looking forwards to a fabulous week.

Even though we are busy in our Vegetarian Bed and Breakfast (3placedesarbres.com), here in the heart of beautiful France, I had time to make a few things over the weekend (including the dog featured in the video below). My Felt.Buzz Etsy shop is active again (so if you have the time it would be great if you could pop along and look at a few things – window shopping is great fun! and helps us artists, by increasing activity!)

Have a brilliant week!


Felt.Buzz goes to Japan (well his creations have, anyway…)

Felt.Buzz was privileged to be asked to make some custom creations based on the cutest dog in Japan!

Felt.Buzz ‘met’ Yai on Tsu, the social networking site that pays you to network socially! Yai’s dog, Halu, the dog, is one of the most famous faces (and certainly the cutest) on Tsu, and Felt.Buzz was delighted when Yai asked if he could make a replica Halu for her.

The photos below are used with kind permission of Yayoi Shimotani

halu1 halu2 halu3 ring

If you would like some Felt.Buzz to create something for you: get in touch!

Your personal invitation to join Tsu is right here!

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Mini-Basil’s Travels (Day One)


Morning! Yes, we are off on an adventure! Welcome to Day One of Mini-Basil’s Travels. We are about to set off on the first leg of our journey to the UK…

The threatened air traffic controllers strike has been called off (hurrah) so Mini-Basil will off to the airport in the classic car (25 year old VW Golf!). It will be hot, so air conditioning will be used (i.e. windows open!).

Hope you have a great day!

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