C’est lundi 21 juin 2021! Que se passe-t-il dans l’atelier de Felt.Buzz aujourd’hui?

Bonjour mes amis !

C’est lundi 21 juin 2021!

Bon solstice, et bonne fête de la musique !

Hier j’ai créé 4 porte clés et un grand abeille

Je vous souhaite une bonne journée!

Bisous 💋

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Spotlight on Deidre Dreams

Today, I am going to have a look at the creative talent that is Deidre Dreams

I love Facebook and twitter because you never know where peoples shares might lead you. One of these paths led me to another realm: that of Deidre Dreams.

The owner (Deidre?) lives in a small town in the south of the Netherlands in between rolling hills and meadows, where the wind always blows in new energy.”

Inspired by folklore, myths and legends Deidre Dreams creations are incredibly detailed works of art. She primarily uses Polymer clay to create incredibly detailed pendants, brooches and other jewellery, but she is also accomplished in the art of crocheting (something she learnt at an early age from her Grandmother and Mother). Combining the two allows her to create some really interesting, and original pieces:

Perhaps the success of Deidre Dreams is the witches, mermaids and other mythical creatures, featured on her jewellery are not generic: each one has a character and a story behind them: “All the characters that I make (the witches, the mermaids, the fairies, etc), they are not pulled from any official mythology source. They are my stories. The characters, the designs, their stories: they are my creations. I am inspired by paganism, Wicca, fantasy, fairy tales, folk tales, legends, and lots of other sources (as many artists are 🙂 ) but the characters I make are all a concoction of my own Deidre Dreams world.”


The characters shine through her work, and maybe it is this that draws people to them. In fact Deidre Dreams has facebook fans (amongst over 17,000 of them) who contact her and tell her how much her work inspires them to create themselves (whether that be in writing, drawing or sculpting): “I am deeply honoured to get so many messages of people telling me my work inspires them. I love that SO much! I love to hear that my work sparks something in someone that stirs passion and energy!  I also would like to say that I hope anyone who feels this way, will be respectful towards that inspiration and find their own way with it and welcome their own designs and characters.”

Why Deidre Dreams’ Facebook page is so popular is not a mystery: not only does she create unique, beautiful work, but she also interacts brilliantly with her fans, and followers. She is generous with sharing other people’s work too, which is great because she helps me travel to other peoples creative worlds too.

You can find Deidre Dreams on her own Website, on Twitter, on Facebook, Etsy and other locations too

Disclaimer: this review was not asked for, nor paid for in any way. I wrote it because I love Deidre Dreams’ work and her facebook page


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Spotlight on Kozmic Dreams

Today I am going to have a look at Kozmic Dreams.

The first thing to say about Kozmic Dreams: I absolutely love the name.

Kozmic Dreams is owned and run by Laura Whitford. She makes her own designs and sells unique knitted and crocheted owls, cats and more. Each one she makes has it’s own personality and no two are the same.

You can find Laura at many craft fairs around Royston. Recently she was at Knebworth House Country Fair.

In the virtual world you can find Kozmic Dreams on Etsy, Twitter and Facebook. Her facebook page is great because she shares things that interest her (and me!) as well as information about Kozmic Dreams, and she is great at interacting with her followers and fans on both Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: there is no incentive behind this review (financial or otherwise) other than to highlight a company that I like and find interesting

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