Penguin’s move on!

Some of my penguins have a new home. These penguins (hatched on 26th November 2014) have found a new home with Isabelle (the creative talent behind IsabelleNigel).

Why not check out Isabelle’s Etsy shop:


If you want a penguin of your own get in touch with me via, email, facebook or twitter! I can personalise them too! (chose football or rugby team, or favourite colours and even have someones name on the hat!


Prototype Polar Bear Surprise: an idea for Christmas…

I know it is very early to be thinking about Christmas, but stock doesn’t appear from nowhere – you need to plan ahead.

This polar bear has a surprise inside.

Made with a cut up kitchen roll tube (and gaffer tape: not the most attractive solution, but as I say a prototype). The body (and head) of the bear is needle felted.

I thought I could also make snowmen, penguins and Father Christmas. Once whatever treats inside are consumed it can be used to store other things, or the top half can be taken off the tube and used as a (oversized) finger puppet.

Would appreciate any comments…