Spotlight on Kume Bryant (Artist/Photographer)

Today, the Felt.Buzz Spotlight is on Kume Bryant, and artist and photographer

Kume Bryant lives in Arizona, United States of America. She has a wide range of artwork (both paintings and photographs) with lots of different themes and styles, available on her website.

Working as a freelance graphic designer until 2013, she had always enjoyed painting, but (like a lot of us) lacked the confidence to take it seriously. It was her husband who forced her hand (in a gentle way):

“I have the most supportive husband in this world. His idea, what seemed small at the time, but his way of nudging me which encouraged me to paint today. He brought home a photo of a coworker going camping on a horse, and asked me to paint that for him just for fun without pressure. The painting turned out well. I had much fun doing and made me wanting to do more. I bought me a book on painting and learned some techniques…that was in 2006. I started selling online ever since to buyers all over the world.”

You can buy a range of things from Kume: including phone cases, t-shirts and original artwork.

Kume is not the only talent in her household. From her site you can buy artwork from her son, Thomas (I particularly like Slash).

Kume is active on Twitter and on Facebook and, as well as promoting  her own work, and that of her son, she is a good sharer of other peoples work on both platforms.

Disclaimer: this review has not been paid for, or asked for, in any way. I have written it simply because I like Kume’s work and enjoy her Twitter/Facebook posts


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Todays 3 positives

Evening all, hope you are enjoying your Saturday. Here are my Felt.Buzz three positives of the day:

1. Did a shift at the Boutique du Coin in Vallière. Had some good chats with customers and other artisans and producters. Managed to find time to do some felting too. Didn’t sell any of my stuff, but one of my acorn garlands was sold this morning 🙂

(not this one, but one like it)

2. Had some time to relax outside (after doing breakfast for 9): lunch outside the house, lovely. And then this evening we sat in the town square, watching the world go by (and a large honking procession of wedding cars), and ate pizza and chips! Got to love carb on carb action!

3. Went for a post dinner walk. Took some photos (using the tablet):


Had some suggestions and thoughts for some new felt projects too. All in all, a pretty good day.

How about you?

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