Woo hoo! It’s the weekend!

Woo hoo! It’s the weekend! We have friends arriving today (but before that: breakfasts for guests in the 3 Place des Arbres Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast, 3 rooms to clean, and preparation for evening meal!) so despite the rain (the first proper rain we have had for months) it feels warm and fluffy here! Probably won’t have much time for felting this weekend, although I have another ‪#‎dragon‬ that is almost finished, so should be able to manage that.

This is a short video I took yesterday (in the sunshine!) of some of the Felt.Buzz creations I have made in the last week.

It’s Friday! Are you a happy bunny?

Yay!! It’s ‪#‎Friday‬! Someone is a happy ‪#‎bunny‬ (possibly this little fella in my etsy store!). Busy morning today, providing our lovely guests in 3 Place des Arbres Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast their breakfast, and cleaning rooms before going to the Market (held every Friday here in Felletin). We have a friend coming for lunch. Then this afternoon we will be welcoming some more guests. Looking forward to the weekend as we have some friends visiting!!! (tripple YAY!).

If I have time I will take some more photos of the creations I have made this week, and put a video together.


Happy ‘Almost Friday’ everyone!

Well, it’s Thursday again! Almost made it to Friday. How are you all doing?

It is a busy day for us today: 8 people having breakfast in our B&B in Central France and then all our guests are leaving, so four rooms to get ready for the next guests (some of them authors coming for the book festival, here in Felletin tomorrow). Some of our guests are eating here tonight, and we have some relatives coming too! Not sure how much time I will have for felting, but may be able to pick up a needle for the odd five minutes here and there!

Meanwhile, this is a rabbit I made a few days ago.



He is waiting for visitors (along with some other characters) in my Etsy store so why not pop along and say hi!

Have a great day!

Bruce Felt.Buzz



Some Easter ideas – quelques petites ideés pour Pâques


Les œufs de Pâques en feutre avec un petit poussin / Felt Easter eggs with an Easter chick


P1090385  P1090382  P1090487

Et les poussins et les nids fait en feutre / Chicks and a nest made of felt

P1090469 P1090439

Et un lapin avec son œuf de Pâques (il est une marionnette à doigt) / and a rabbit with his Easter egg (he is a finger puppet)


Vous pouvez les acheter, bientôt, sur notre boutiques Etsy et Alittlemarket.com, ou vous pouvez nous rencontre chaque vendredi au marché à Felletin (23500) / These items will soon be on sale in our Etsy shop, and our Alittlemarket.com shop. Or you can pop down and see us on Friday morning at the market in Felletin