A selection of Felt.Buzz creations

The dragon was created for the wool festival “Journées de la laine” in Felletin, central France.


The sleeping mice on mushrooms are a current favourite of mine!

I have recently made a lot of owls, including a mobile with forty owls on it (for a 40th birthday)

Sheep are always a firm Felt.Buzz favourite!


Woo hoo! It’s the weekend!

Woo hoo! It’s the weekend! We have friends arriving today (but before that: breakfasts for guests in the 3 Place des Arbres Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast, 3 rooms to clean, and preparation for evening meal!) so despite the rain (the first proper rain we have had for months) it feels warm and fluffy here! Probably won’t have much time for felting this weekend, although I have another ‪#‎dragon‬ that is almost finished, so should be able to manage that.

This is a short video I took yesterday (in the sunshine!) of some of the Felt.Buzz creations I have made in the last week.