Happy Hump Day everyone

It is Wednesday! Hope you are all doing well. The sun is shining here, the sky is blue. I have a busy morning, but hope to do some felting later. This is a video of a bear I made couple of days ago:


You can visit him in my Felt.Buzz Etsy store. I will be adding a new creation to the store very shortly!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Bruce Felt.Buzz

Tsu goes ‘dark’… goodbye from Felt.Buzz

As most of you who knew what Tsu was know by now, Tsu went dark this week (i.e. closed down). It was a social networking platform that started out a bit like facebook, but you got paid for your content. It was pretty good to begin with and I made some really good contacts, it helped increase my creativity and productivity too. It had its problems and it tried too hard to be the next big thing.

Anyway, last year I made quite a few stop motion videos I probably wouldn’t have made if it wasn’t for Tsu, so I thought it would be appropriate to make one more to say goodbye.

By the way, Felt.Buzz has reopened his etsy store, so why not pop along and have a look (I’d appreciate a few clicks!)

As ever you can follow me on facebook, or here. Have a lovely day my friends!

Have been busy with a Stop Frame animation film

I haven’t posted anything for a while, because I have been trying to complete a stop frame (or stop motion) animation film for my new website (feltbuzz.com: at the moment, the website is not up and running so this link will just take you back to this blog – I want to get the graphics done before launching the site). The most tedious bit is editing the photos before putting them together (so far I think I have spent about 6 hours doing this).

Anyway, I hope to finish tomorrow, so should have a rough film and a .gif to show you in the next few days (together with a ‘how I did it’ blog post). Here is one of the photos I have used in the film.

feltbuzzcom pic