Happy Sunday everyone!

Good morning folks!

How are you today? We have a full house in the B&B this morning, so after breakfast we have room re-organisation and cleaning to do.

Hope to do some felting later, but not sure what creature I will be making next.

What are your plans for this lovely Sunday?

This bear is available on Etsy for your delights!


Happy Sunday!


Good morning lovely people I do hope you are all feeling fabulous this morning! The sun is shining here. We have some people in the B&B leaving and no one arriving today, so if you don’t count serving breakfast and cleaning the room it is practically a day off. Although there always could be a knock at the door, of course…

I am currently working on some more TeenyWeeniePet dragon jewellery which I will post for you later, hopefully. I really need to update Etsy (there never seems enough time in the day!): I still need to put more Halloween stuff on. I am resisting the Christmas stuff until September!

Hopefully we will get out for a nice long walk. I fancy a picnic down by the river, so we will see what happens…

What are you guys up to?

Happy Sunday everyone!


You’d better be nice to him! Otherwise the dog gets it: Watch the video here! This is an EXCLUSIVE to videscape the alternative to YouTube, trying to help creators of videos get something back

I’m recovering from the Felt Festival, here in Felletin. I will be happy NOT to make a needle-felted sheep today (I must have made at least 10 yesterday!).

Have a lovely day!

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