Spotlight on Creepies

Today’s Felt.Buzz Spotlight is on Creepies…

What is not to love about Creepies! I am not normally a collector of things, but these guys seriously make me want to start. Each little Clay and Plushy creation has it’s own personality: and they are soooooo cute!

Run by Mr and Mrs Creepie, it is no wonder their 7000+ facebook fans love them. And, boy, do the Creepies love them back! Check out their giveaways! Their facebook page runs a weekly fan of the week contest, three of the hardest working fans each get a raffle ticket to be entered into a end of year giveaway, and each month a fan can win a mystery box. Also for every purchase from their website you get a raffle ticket for the end of the year giveaway!

As well as the cute Creepie models they also do cards and other artwork

You’d do worse than to like their page on facebook – every morning I have a Creepie facebook post, and it brings a smile to my face, everytime!

Disclaimer: this review is uncommissioned, unasked for and unpaid for (in any way). I wrote it because I genuinely love Creepies and their facebook page

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