New video channel for Felt.Buzz on Videscape

Felt.Buzz videos can now be found at, a site that provides an alternative to YouTube, and one that benefits the creators of content.

The following videos are EXCLUSIVE to my new videscape channel.

Please check out The Felt.Buzz Channel on Videscape for all my videos including ones EXCLUSIVE to Videscape including these ones:

Do you want to send a personalised message to a child or a friend? Check out this one, if you want one of your own contact me! Exclusive to Videscape. email

The Tsu #AntWar is over. But What Hope? Find out in this video (exclusive to Videscape)


The first of the Tsu @antlong movies. EXCLUSIVE to Videscape


Meet the little mouse. He hasn’t got a lot to say in this one. To hear him speak listen to this video instead:

If you like Tiny Squeak you can have a personalised message recorded for you or someone you love. And I can make you a Tiny Squeak and a mushroom house to go with it! Contact me for details

You don’t have to join Videscape to watch the videos, but if you want to it’s free. And any videos you post could make you some cents. Makes sense to me.

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Felt.Buzz Etsy

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For EXCLUSIVE Felt.Buzz videos: Videscape

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