Felt.Buzz is now on Tsu!

Are you fed up with Facebook? We create all the content, but Facebook owns it, and all the ad revenue goes to Facebook. Revenue that wouldn’t exist without the content that YOU post. And then there are the new Facebook privacy changes which come into effect on 1 January 2014.

Perhaps it is time to try something different. Perhaps you should try Tsu!


At first look it is a little like a cross between Twitter and Facebook (you can have both friends and followers). The difference is that they acknowledge that the people who create the content (you and me) are important: without us there would be no content, there would be no social network to advertise on. On Tsu Ad revenue is shared between users, with just 10% going towards the social network itself. I have been on Tsu less than a week and have ‘earned’ $0.11 just by posting things I would normally put on facebook.

There are charities on Tsu, so if you want you can donate your share of the ad revenue to charity. Or you could use it to advertise on the network. Or just keep it. It’s yours: you decide.

The best thing about Tsu is that it has a really nice feel about it, people are friendly (there are a few spammers, but not overwelming), and posts are not filtered.

I have ‘met’ some great new contacts, but it would be even better if more people I know from other networks, joined me.

Here is your invitation to join Tsu! See you there!

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Spotlight on Deidre Dreams

Today, I am going to have a look at the creative talent that is Deidre Dreams

I love Facebook and twitter because you never know where peoples shares might lead you. One of these paths led me to another realm: that of Deidre Dreams.

The owner (Deidre?) lives in a small town in the south of the Netherlands in between rolling hills and meadows, where the wind always blows in new energy.”

Inspired by folklore, myths and legends Deidre Dreams creations are incredibly detailed works of art. She primarily uses Polymer clay to create incredibly detailed pendants, brooches and other jewellery, but she is also accomplished in the art of crocheting (something she learnt at an early age from her Grandmother and Mother). Combining the two allows her to create some really interesting, and original pieces:

Perhaps the success of Deidre Dreams is the witches, mermaids and other mythical creatures, featured on her jewellery are not generic: each one has a character and a story behind them: “All the characters that I make (the witches, the mermaids, the fairies, etc), they are not pulled from any official mythology source. They are my stories. The characters, the designs, their stories: they are my creations. I am inspired by paganism, Wicca, fantasy, fairy tales, folk tales, legends, and lots of other sources (as many artists are 🙂 ) but the characters I make are all a concoction of my own Deidre Dreams world.”


The characters shine through her work, and maybe it is this that draws people to them. In fact Deidre Dreams has facebook fans (amongst over 17,000 of them) who contact her and tell her how much her work inspires them to create themselves (whether that be in writing, drawing or sculpting): “I am deeply honoured to get so many messages of people telling me my work inspires them. I love that SO much! I love to hear that my work sparks something in someone that stirs passion and energy!  I also would like to say that I hope anyone who feels this way, will be respectful towards that inspiration and find their own way with it and welcome their own designs and characters.”

Why Deidre Dreams’ Facebook page is so popular is not a mystery: not only does she create unique, beautiful work, but she also interacts brilliantly with her fans, and followers. She is generous with sharing other people’s work too, which is great because she helps me travel to other peoples creative worlds too.

You can find Deidre Dreams on her own Website, on Twitter, on Facebook, Etsy and other locations too

Disclaimer: this review was not asked for, nor paid for in any way. I wrote it because I love Deidre Dreams’ work and her facebook page


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Thursday’s 3 Felt.Buzz positives

Hello, hope you have had a good Thursday. Mine was good, here are just three good things.

1. Finished the mini hat this morning. It is going to feature in the first Felt.Buzz facebook page giveaway: like our page to find out more!

2. Made two finger puppets today. One was a unicorn:

The other was a version of an old favourite Patch (see Etsy listing for an idea of what he looks like, I will post some pictures tomorrow). He will be on sale tomorrow at the market, and if he isn’t adopted will go to Vallière to the Boutique du Coin on Saturday

3. The sun has been shining today, which meant I could spend some of my felting time outside getting some much needed vitamin D! We are full again in the B&B, but no change overs so it felt like quite a chilled day (even with the early (perhaps because of it) 6.30am start).

Well, I’ll wish you a good night and a happy Friday. Market day in Felletin tomorrow, so I have to be up early to prepare for that, as well as doing breakfasts 🙂

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Spotlight on Alienskin Clothing

Today, I am going to spotlight Alienskin Clothing: a company that specialises (as their inspired name suggests) in alternative clothing.

They have a great range of  Gothic clothing, Cyber clothing, Faerie clothing, Alternative clothing and accessories in sizes 6 to 30, all hand-made by their talented collection of UK based alien designers.

What attracted me to their site in the first place was their excellent Facebook page. Here they showcase, not only their brilliant designs, but also other pages and pictures that have come to their attention. In fact the majority of their posts are other peoples work (always credited, with links). If you like unusual pictures and things that make you stop in your tracks for a moment you would do well to like their page

You can look at their full range of clothes on their website. They are also available on Twitter and on Etsy


Disclaimer: Felt.Buzz has had no financial, or otherwise, incentive to review Alienskin Clothing (or any other site): we’ve done it because we think they are ace!