Thursday’s 3 Felt.Buzz positives

Hello, hope you have had a good Thursday. Mine was good, here are just three good things.

1. Finished the mini hat this morning. It is going to feature in the first Felt.Buzz facebook page giveaway: like our page to find out more!

2. Made two finger puppets today. One was a unicorn:

The other was a version of an old favourite Patch (see Etsy listing for an idea of what he looks like, I will post some pictures tomorrow). He will be on sale tomorrow at the market, and if he isn’t adopted will go to Vallière to the Boutique du Coin on Saturday

3. The sun has been shining today, which meant I could spend some of my felting time outside getting some much needed vitamin D! We are full again in the B&B, but no change overs so it felt like quite a chilled day (even with the early (perhaps because of it) 6.30am start).

Well, I’ll wish you a good night and a happy Friday. Market day in Felletin tomorrow, so I have to be up early to prepare for that, as well as doing breakfasts 🙂

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The three Felt.Buzz Positives of the day

Time to list three good things that happened (or I made happen) today.

1) Managed to write a few blog posts today, and had a really good reaction from those that have been published. Having a good response on my Facebook page too.

2) Started a ‘mini hat’ using a different process, which will make it lighter (so people with thinner hair will be able to wear it), and it quicker to make, so I can sell it at a cheaper price.

3) Had a visit from some friends, so sat out in the sun for an hour or so before getting back to work (we are full again in the Bed and Breakfast).

Think I have managed to sneak more than three positives in there!

Hope you had at least three good things happen today.


The Felt.Buzz positive post of the day…

Here are todays 3 Felt.Buzz positives:

1. I managed to take some good photos of the earrings I made yesterday and got them on Etsy

2. I made another earring using a couple of half franc pieces Andrea found yesterday and got that on Etsy (see below)

3. Another better weather day than was forecast: lovely walk with Andrea and Basil, will have another one after our guests have left the table (yet another positive our Bed and Breakfast is full today).


Positivity Buzz of the day

Here are three positive things from today:

1) I wrote some more blog posts and had some lovely feedback from those published

2) I finished three pairs of earrings (dragon theme)

3) The weather was much better than forecast, which meant I had two lovely walk with Andrea and Basil the dog, as well as a bit of time felting in the sunshine!

Hope your day was good, and tomorrow even better.


Today’s top 3 Felt.Buzz positives

Hope your Sunday was good folks.

Here are three reasons why mine was good:

1. Painted an old grill I am going to use to display my earrings and other things


2. wrote several blog posts some posted today, some ‘in the bag’ for later posting

3. made another butterfly brooch

Hope you have had a good weekend 🙂

Today’s positive buzz

Today was a good day. Here are just three reasons why:

1) I spent 3 hours at the Boutique du coin in Vallière, had a chat with some nice people, and the sun was shining

2) Made a felt butterfly whilst ‘working’ in the boutique. I had set a goal to make a butterfly this weekend so objective achieved!

3) Had some good feedback on my creations on Twitter and Facebook today: warms the cockles of my heart, so it does.

Hope you had a good day 🙂

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