How to create a posable needle-felted Game of Thrones style Dragon

This dragon can sit on your shoulder thanks to magnets in his feet and one in his tail

This dragon can sit on your shoulder thanks to magnets in his feet and one in his tail

Perhaps I need to get out much (there really isn’t a lot to do, of an evening, in winter in rural France), but once I got the idea of making a dragon that could sit on your shoulder like the one Khalissi has in Game of Thrones I couldn’ stop. Not entirely sure how many hours it took, but I made it over a week.

I first made a wire frame out of some electrical wire I had hanging about. I used a glue gun to fix the wire, where it connected with other bits of wire.P1080085

I then began the process of putting some “flesh” on the bones. I started by wrapping wool around the wire. I figured that this would make it easier when trying to needle-felt – give the wool something to hang onto!


You can see in the above photo that I had also began to needle felt the head. It was then just a case of adding more wool and needle felting it until it began to look more like a dragon.


Once I had built up the body I made some wet felted sheets for the wings. I used two different types of red and did three very fine layers (a bright red, sandwiched between two dark layers).

It was around this point I attached three magnets to the dragon. One on each foot, and one on the tip of his tail. I attached the magnets using a glue gun, and then needle-felted over them.

It was then a case of adding colour and detail until I was happy with it.

P1080140 P1080141 P1080145 P1080148 P1080160 P1080150 P1080176

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