Friday’s Felt.Buzz Positives

Hello everyone, hope you had a good Friday and have a fantastic weekend to look forward to.

Here are just three positives from today:

1. I sold some stuff at the market today (hurrah) including this wizard

which I am kind of sorry to see go, so will have to magic up another (but different wizard)

2. I made a dragon finger puppet whilst at the market, and got a lot of positive comments about my hat (if you missed it this is it:


3. Another busy day at the B&B, we are full, but no evening meals so despite getting up at 6, doing breakfast, then going to market, and cleaning the rooms, once we’d welcomed the guests in and left them to have a ‘bonne soirée’ it has felt like a bit of a day off. Funny old world, innit?

An addition plus was the weather has been pretty good (apart from the blip of the thunderstorm half way through the day) so we have enjoyed the sun, and a nice evening walk.

Here was the view from our bedroom window a couple of hours ago:

Life is good: have a good evening 🙂

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