First Tsu Dollar transaction: Happy customer: Happy me!

As some as you may know I can be found on the Social Network Tsu (click here for your personal invitation to join). This network is different from most others because it pays you a percentage of it’s advertising revenue (it only takes 10% for itself, the rest is divided between the people who make the content, and those who have referred them). Most people aren’t going to make a lot of money from Tsu (maybe 2-10cents a day) for posting what they would normally post on other networks or on their blog, but hey! it’s something, right? A lot of people on Tsu transfer their earnings to one of the many registered charities on Tsu.

You can ‘cash in’ your Tsu dollars when the total reaches $100 or more. Whilst you can not add to your Tsu bank from external sources (i.e. there is no way you can transfer money into it using PayPal, etc) you can accept transfers/payments/donations from other users.

Felt.Buzz has found Tsu a really friendly place to hang out, with many different types of people from all over the world, many of them very creative. He has also made several sales to people he has ‘met’ on Tsu (directing them to Etsy, or taking payments via paypal).

Felt.Buzz has now completed his first Tsu transaction: four of his TeenyWeeniePets are now living in USA with a very happy Kayla (pictured below). You can see her original Tsu post by clicking here.


To join Tsu, you can find your personal invitation here.

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