Tsu goes ‘dark’… goodbye from Felt.Buzz

As most of you who knew what Tsu was know by now, Tsu went dark this week (i.e. closed down). It was a social networking platform that started out a bit like facebook, but you got paid for your content. It was pretty good to begin with and I made some really good contacts, it helped increase my creativity and productivity too. It had its problems and it tried too hard to be the next big thing.

Anyway, last year I made quite a few stop motion videos I probably wouldn’t have made if it wasn’t for Tsu, so I thought it would be appropriate to make one more to say goodbye.

By the way, Felt.Buzz has reopened his etsy store, so why not pop along and have a look (I’d appreciate a few clicks!)

As ever you can follow me on facebook, or here. Have a lovely day my friends!

Do you use, or have you considered using, the social network Tsu to market your Small Business?

thats my business

Tsu will be celebrating it’s first birthday in October. For those who don’t know it is a social network that shares out the advertising revenue amongst the people who make the content.

People like me.

You earn money by posting (although not very much) and more if you recruit a network of people.

And, if you are a business, people can use the money they have earned to buy things from you.

It took a number of months to establish myself on Tsu before I began to have some sales. I have had a number of sales via my Etsy store from Tsu users and I have had two sales using Tsu dollars (money that other people have earned, that they have transfered to my Tsu account).

The downside? You can’t cash out your Tsu bank until it reaches at least 100$, so for small business’ it could take some time to get there. Payment is via cheque if you are a US business, or Paypal for those of us outside of the USA.

There has been a lot of talk about Tsu being a scam: it is not. Neither is it a place to make a fast buck, but you can certainly find a place to market your wares.

Now there is a group on Tsu for Small Businesses “That’s MY Business” where fellow business owners can share tips, advice, successes and quibbles.

If you would like to join Tsu here is your personal invitation.

If you are already on Tsu and would like to join “That’s MY Business” here is how you do it.

Please feel free to share your experiences of doing business on Tsu with me!

You can find my Etsy store here: etsy.com/shop/FeltBuzz

First Tsu Dollar transaction: Happy customer: Happy me!

As some as you may know I can be found on the Social Network Tsu (click here for your personal invitation to join). This network is different from most others because it pays you a percentage of it’s advertising revenue (it only takes 10% for itself, the rest is divided between the people who make the content, and those who have referred them). Most people aren’t going to make a lot of money from Tsu (maybe 2-10cents a day) for posting what they would normally post on other networks or on their blog, but hey! it’s something, right? A lot of people on Tsu transfer their earnings to one of the many registered charities on Tsu.

You can ‘cash in’ your Tsu dollars when the total reaches $100 or more. Whilst you can not add to your Tsu bank from external sources (i.e. there is no way you can transfer money into it using PayPal, etc) you can accept transfers/payments/donations from other users.

Felt.Buzz has found Tsu a really friendly place to hang out, with many different types of people from all over the world, many of them very creative. He has also made several sales to people he has ‘met’ on Tsu (directing them to Etsy, or taking payments via paypal).

Felt.Buzz has now completed his first Tsu transaction: four of his TeenyWeeniePets are now living in USA with a very happy Kayla (pictured below). You can see her original Tsu post by clicking here.


To join Tsu, you can find your personal invitation here.

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New Felt.Buzz Video: Breaking Baaaaaad: Let Him Eat Pie!

breaking baaaad let him eat pie

Check out the latest Felt.Buzz video.

On the social network Tsu Felt.Buzz has got caught up in a pie fight. It got messy, and there were people who ended up with egg (custard) on their face. Unfortunately a pie was left lying around and mild mannered Walter White sheep found it. Things can only go from Baaaaaad to worse…

Tsu is a social network that pays users a share of the advertising revenue they receive. WARNING: you are not going to get rich on it! But the few cents a day you make you can donate to charity and we are having fun whilst we do it. There is a real emphasis on creating original content, sharing and learning, and being a part of it has really helped with my creativity. If you want to join you can do so by clicking on this link

Videscape is an alternative to YouTube. They pay creators of videos (originalcontent only!) 1 cent for every play. Check out their site: they are real nice people too!

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Fun on Tsu: #Antwar

I’ve mentioned before that I can be found on the social network site Tsu (you can find me here: tsu.co/FeltBuzz, and if you aren’t yet a member you can join by clicking this link too). The site gives 90% of it’s revenues back to it’s users, and a lot of that money is being given to charity. There is currently a competition (with the winner getting to choose which charity receives the donation) called #antwar (check it out, it’s fun). Here is my entry:

Felt.Buzz is now on Tsu!

Are you fed up with Facebook? We create all the content, but Facebook owns it, and all the ad revenue goes to Facebook. Revenue that wouldn’t exist without the content that YOU post. And then there are the new Facebook privacy changes which come into effect on 1 January 2014.

Perhaps it is time to try something different. Perhaps you should try Tsu!


At first look it is a little like a cross between Twitter and Facebook (you can have both friends and followers). The difference is that they acknowledge that the people who create the content (you and me) are important: without us there would be no content, there would be no social network to advertise on. On Tsu Ad revenue is shared between users, with just 10% going towards the social network itself. I have been on Tsu less than a week and have ‘earned’ $0.11 just by posting things I would normally put on facebook.

There are charities on Tsu, so if you want you can donate your share of the ad revenue to charity. Or you could use it to advertise on the network. Or just keep it. It’s yours: you decide.

The best thing about Tsu is that it has a really nice feel about it, people are friendly (there are a few spammers, but not overwelming), and posts are not filtered.

I have ‘met’ some great new contacts, but it would be even better if more people I know from other networks, joined me.

Here is your invitation to join Tsu! See you there!

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