Do you use, or have you considered using, the social network Tsu to market your Small Business?

thats my business

Tsu will be celebrating it’s first birthday in October. For those who don’t know it is a social network that shares out the advertising revenue amongst the people who make the content.

People like me.

You earn money by posting (although not very much) and more if you recruit a network of people.

And, if you are a business, people can use the money they have earned to buy things from you.

It took a number of months to establish myself on Tsu before I began to have some sales. I have had a number of sales via my Etsy store from Tsu users and I have had two sales using Tsu dollars (money that other people have earned, that they have transfered to my Tsu account).

The downside? You can’t cash out your Tsu bank until it reaches at least 100$, so for small business’ it could take some time to get there. Payment is via cheque if you are a US business, or Paypal for those of us outside of the USA.

There has been a lot of talk about Tsu being a scam: it is not. Neither is it a place to make a fast buck, but you can certainly find a place to market your wares.

Now there is a group on Tsu for Small Businesses “That’s MY Business” where fellow business owners can share tips, advice, successes and quibbles.

If you would like to join Tsu here is your personal invitation.

If you are already on Tsu and would like to join “That’s MY Business” here is how you do it.

Please feel free to share your experiences of doing business on Tsu with me!

You can find my Etsy store here:

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