New Miniature Hats from Felt.Buzz

Here are a selection of new hats, now available for sale at our Etsy Shop:

A mini red top hat with flower

A witches/wizards hat

A miniature red bowler hat with daisy

A pink top hat with flower with white petals and purple centre

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Felt.Buzz: The Teenie-Weenie Hat Company!

Here are four of the tiniest hats you ever did see. These hats are very light, and are fixed on a hairclip. Anyone with a small amount of hair can wear one!

You can order any style of mini-hat (if you want a special design just send me a picture and I will replicate it – this may cost extra depending on the time it takes to create, but I can give you a quote before you buy!), in any colour (almost!). Hats may vary in style and size as they are all lovingly hand made to order.

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Back to reality?

I haven’t posted on here for a couple of days, mostly because we have been having a good time with our family. Here are Sunday and Mondays positives:


1) Despite the heavens opening as we were about to leave the house, the rest of the day was rain free. Actual sunshine and heat: lovely.

2) Went to Lac de Vassiviere, had lunch outside overlooking the lake and took a boat over to the island

3) Had a lot of laughs


1) Looks like the summer has finally arrived. It makes such a difference when the sun shines 🙂

2) We’re full in the bed and breakfast, so did breakfast, got two rooms ready and greeted the guests: everyone happy

3) Had a lovely evening with Andrea, and went on a nice evening stroll with Basil too. Life is good


Also, the first Felt.Buzz giveaway ended yesterday so we need to congratulate our winner of our mini witch/wizard hat: well done Gypsy Mortisha Cassavetes!

Have a lovely Tuesday 🙂

Yesterdays three positives…

Hello, sorry too busy/tired yesterday to put these up. So, here they are now..

1) Not selling a lot at the market meant I had plenty of time to create! Meet Marly the mournful wizard and Welda the worried witch. It was only this morning I realised how their expressions may have unwittingly been reflecting my thoughts and feelings when I created them!


2. We had a couple of friends (Gail and Rob) pop round for some drinks and a fabulous lunch conjured up by the lovely Andrea

3. Went to a meeting of the union de commercants et artisans of Felletin. There are some good things in the pipeline for our home town. Can’t tell you everything, but one of our bakers is reopening on Monday so that is brilliant.


Hope your friday was good, and your weekend even better!



Thursday’s positives

Isn’t it funny (perhaps the wrong word!) that when something potentially bad happens it doesn’t drag you down? Here are today’s positives:

1) We had a water leak this morning. Yep, I woke up and went down to prepare breakfast to find a pretty big water leak. The positive that came out of this? Well, I managed to prepare and serve breakfast (after putting containers down to catch most of the water) without the guests being any the wiser, called the plumber (Barlaud in Felletin for those of you in the area) who managed to sort it before 11am. All without disrupting our guests in the B&B. Nice one.

2) The sun. It has been playing hide and seek with us in central France, lately. But it came out and we caught some rays, walking Basil, and sitting outside.

3) Had a visit from our friends, Bruce and Sue. Short but sweet.

Hope your day was a good one 🙂

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