Thursday’s positives

Isn’t it funny (perhaps the wrong word!) that when something potentially bad happens it doesn’t drag you down? Here are today’s positives:

1) We had a water leak this morning. Yep, I woke up and went down to prepare breakfast to find a pretty big water leak. The positive that came out of this? Well, I managed to prepare and serve breakfast (after putting containers down to catch most of the water) without the guests being any the wiser, called the plumber (Barlaud in Felletin for those of you in the area) who managed to sort it before 11am. All without disrupting our guests in the B&B. Nice one.

2) The sun. It has been playing hide and seek with us in central France, lately. But it came out and we caught some rays, walking Basil, and sitting outside.

3) Had a visit from our friends, Bruce and Sue. Short but sweet.

Hope your day was a good one 🙂

P.S. It is our dog’s birthday tomorrow. Like our facebook page and like and comment on the giveaway post and you could win this lovely wizard/witch hat:


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