Sunday’s positive Buzz

Opps, bit late on posting Sunday’s 3 positives. Was so tired last night I decided to treat myself to sleep rather than blogging! Anyhoo, here are a selection of positives that happened yesterday..

1. Started work on a new project. Not going to say much at the moment, but it does involve a pumpkin…

2. Took some photos of the dragon I made at the market (and finished at la Boutique du Coin, on Saturday). Here is one of them:

3. After a busy morning at the Bed and Breakfast, we had an afternoon and evening free. Went to Blessac for the vide grenier (car boot sale to all you UK types), bought 4 necklace displays and some things for the B&B and bought a kilo of blueberries (of which only 500g made it home, the rest took a ride in our bellies). Great weather yesterday too. Had lunch sitting out in the sun, and dinner too.

Hope you had a good weekend and are looking forward to a positive week.

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