Yesterdays 3 positives

Late again, but have had too many early mornings in a row to stay up updating the blog before sleep calls. So here are Mondays good things

1. Completed the prototype for my new project. Need to scale it down, so looking forward to that today. I also spent time updating my blog, which I was pleased with as I had given myself the weekend off, and it can sometimes be difficult to get kickstarted again.

2. There was enough gaps in the rain for me to sit outside with a coffee and do some felting, as well as play rugby with the Basil dog!

3. We had noone arriving (or leaving) yesterday, in the B&B, (which could be seen as a negative in high season but I choose to see it positively because): this meant no cleaning of rooms and Andrea had a chance to chill together. Enjoying the smells from the kitchen too: Andrea brewing up some batches of apricot jam

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