New Felt.Buzz Video: Breaking Baaaaaad: Let Him Eat Pie!

breaking baaaad let him eat pie

Check out the latest Felt.Buzz video.

On the social network Tsu Felt.Buzz has got caught up in a pie fight. It got messy, and there were people who ended up with egg (custard) on their face. Unfortunately a pie was left lying around and mild mannered Walter White sheep found it. Things can only go from Baaaaaad to worse…

Tsu is a social network that pays users a share of the advertising revenue they receive. WARNING: you are not going to get rich on it! But the few cents a day you make you can donate to charity and we are having fun whilst we do it. There is a real emphasis on creating original content, sharing and learning, and being a part of it has really helped with my creativity. If you want to join you can do so by clicking on this link

Videscape is an alternative to YouTube. They pay creators of videos (originalcontent only!) 1 cent for every play. Check out their site: they are real nice people too!

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