Good things that happened yesterday…

Here are three positive things that occured in Felt.Buzz land, on Tuesday 29th July:

1) I completed a couple of pieces of felt work yesterday. Not as sure as I was before as to where I am going with it, but it is part of the creative process to have doubts and sometimes you ignore them and produce something great and other times your doubts lead to something even better. We’ll wait and see…

2) Had a lovely walk with Basil the dog. There are so many trees and bushes overladen with fruit at the moment (very early). It will be a bumper year for jam and sloe gin!

3) Another day with the B&B full. But no meals to prepare so felt quite relaxed and we only had one room to prepare yesterday. Managed to catch up with ironing (get it out of the way for another week or so!) so that is good too.

Looking forward to Wednesday: hope it brings you productivity and joy!


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