Todays 3 positives

Evening all, hope you are enjoying your Saturday. Here are my Felt.Buzz three positives of the day:

1. Did a shift at the Boutique du Coin in Vallière. Had some good chats with customers and other artisans and producters. Managed to find time to do some felting too. Didn’t sell any of my stuff, but one of my acorn garlands was sold this morning 🙂

(not this one, but one like it)

2. Had some time to relax outside (after doing breakfast for 9): lunch outside the house, lovely. And then this evening we sat in the town square, watching the world go by (and a large honking procession of wedding cars), and ate pizza and chips! Got to love carb on carb action!

3. Went for a post dinner walk. Took some photos (using the tablet):


Had some suggestions and thoughts for some new felt projects too. All in all, a pretty good day.

How about you?

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Friday’s Felt.Buzz Positives

Hello everyone, hope you had a good Friday and have a fantastic weekend to look forward to.

Here are just three positives from today:

1. I sold some stuff at the market today (hurrah) including this wizard

which I am kind of sorry to see go, so will have to magic up another (but different wizard)

2. I made a dragon finger puppet whilst at the market, and got a lot of positive comments about my hat (if you missed it this is it:


3. Another busy day at the B&B, we are full, but no evening meals so despite getting up at 6, doing breakfast, then going to market, and cleaning the rooms, once we’d welcomed the guests in and left them to have a ‘bonne soirée’ it has felt like a bit of a day off. Funny old world, innit?

An addition plus was the weather has been pretty good (apart from the blip of the thunderstorm half way through the day) so we have enjoyed the sun, and a nice evening walk.

Here was the view from our bedroom window a couple of hours ago:

Life is good: have a good evening 🙂

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Spotlight on Enchanted Art by Helen Winder

Today’s Felt.Buzz Spotlight is on the Enchanted Art of Helen Winder.

Helen and I know each other outside of the virtual world; we were neighbours when growing up, she lived about 50 metres from me, although we haven’t seen each other in over 25 years, we met up in Facebook land a couple of years ago.

Helen is a successful business woman, she runs Transire, which enables the positive transformation of the business world through professional outsourcing solutions, business consultancy and mentoring, working with individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate organisations. She is also Transformational Business Mentor, drawing on her skills and experience both in the buisness world, and her personal life.

Helen is the kind of person who always seems to be on the go. Her idea of a rest is not to sit down and have a doze, but to get up and do something else.

In contrast with her busy life, Helen’s art seems to ooze relaxation and calm: “I started sketching by way of relaxation. I am not one to stop and do nothing so I thought I would use my sketches as a way of de-stressing. I created my etsy shop as I wanted to share my creations with others. I put a lot of emotional effort in to each sketch and felt that others would benefit from them.”

She has just completed a new range of sketches which should be available for sale from the beginning of August 2014

As well as the Etsy shop, several facebook pages, a blog, and a website Helen also has several busy Twitter accounts

Each purchase will help Helen raise funds for The Stroke Association and Different Strokes


Disclaimer: This review has not been asked for or paid for in any way. I wrote it because I like Helen’s work, and her interactions in social media.


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Thursday’s 3 Felt.Buzz positives

Hello, hope you have had a good Thursday. Mine was good, here are just three good things.

1. Finished the mini hat this morning. It is going to feature in the first Felt.Buzz facebook page giveaway: like our page to find out more!

2. Made two finger puppets today. One was a unicorn:

The other was a version of an old favourite Patch (see Etsy listing for an idea of what he looks like, I will post some pictures tomorrow). He will be on sale tomorrow at the market, and if he isn’t adopted will go to Vallière to the Boutique du Coin on Saturday

3. The sun has been shining today, which meant I could spend some of my felting time outside getting some much needed vitamin D! We are full again in the B&B, but no change overs so it felt like quite a chilled day (even with the early (perhaps because of it) 6.30am start).

Well, I’ll wish you a good night and a happy Friday. Market day in Felletin tomorrow, so I have to be up early to prepare for that, as well as doing breakfasts 🙂

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Spotlight on Flumpy Buttons

Today’s spotlight is on the wonderfuly named Flumpy Buttons

Flumpy Buttons is run by Sarah Eccles and is based in Blackburn, United Kingdom. Flumpy Buttons supply personalised confetti: an unusual (and brilliant) name for a business normally associated with weddings.

Intrigued, I asked Sarah ‘why Flumpy Buttons?’. It turns out the story is just as cute as the name:

I started out in 2012 making car rearview mirror fobs and garlands – confetti was just a tiny part for friends. I wanted a name that was catchy and personal to me. My grandpa used to call me Flumpy when I was little and my granddad call me his little button. They both ran their own businesses and were successful in their areas. I thought it would be a fitting tribute to them both if I used the name ‘Flumpy Buttons’ for my business. I noticed that the confetti was becoming more popular and in February 2014 I made the transition from sewing to creating confetti full time (and it has exploded ). I didn’t want to lose the business name with the product change as I think that my granddad and grandpa are both sitting on the clouds looking down at me and are thrilled with the success (so far)! The business name has been a HUGE talking point and people say that they can’t forget it

Flumpy Buttons aim to help you complete those finishing touches that will stun your guests and amaze them at the quality of detail that you have put into your day to make it so wonderful. If you can’t find the confetti you need, if you want a specific colour theme that you can’t see (unlikely!), just ask.

As well as a Flumpy Buttons website, an etsy shop Flumpy Buttons also has a really good (and interactive) Facebook page  and Twitter account. I have found it well worth liking and following Sarah and Flumpy Buttons: a genuinely nice person running a good honest business.



Disclaimer: this review was not asked for, or paid for (in any way) by Flumpy Buttons. I wrote it because I genuinely like the way they interacted with me on Twitter and Facebook.

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The three Felt.Buzz Positives of the day

Time to list three good things that happened (or I made happen) today.

1) Managed to write a few blog posts today, and had a really good reaction from those that have been published. Having a good response on my Facebook page too.

2) Started a ‘mini hat’ using a different process, which will make it lighter (so people with thinner hair will be able to wear it), and it quicker to make, so I can sell it at a cheaper price.

3) Had a visit from some friends, so sat out in the sun for an hour or so before getting back to work (we are full again in the Bed and Breakfast).

Think I have managed to sneak more than three positives in there!

Hope you had at least three good things happen today.


Spotlight on Isabelle Nigel

Today Felt.Buzz is shining his spotlight on Isabelle Nigel

Isabelle Nigel is an Etsy shop run by Isabelle Monge. Isabelle lives in France. She has been making cute little figurines for years, for friends and in March 2014 she opened her Etsy shop to sell to a wider audience. As well as angels, and other figurines, she makes bookmarks, cards and other things too – check them out!

Every item is one of a kind, sewn and embroidered by hand ; the designs are her own and everything is made in a smoke-free, pet-free home, with quality material – including some lovely vintage French lace.

Isobelle has a huge following on Etsy, probably because she is such a lovely person! She is generous with her interactions with other shop owners. This has extended to Twitter and Facebook. I highly recommend you follow her and like her page: she shares other peoples posts on her personal and business page.

Disclaimer: this review has been not been requested or paid for in anyway: I wrote it just because I like Isobelle’s shop and her interactions on Facebook and Twitter.


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